Save the date!

Photo courtesy Museum Rijswijk, copyright Mark Newport, detail Mend 12

From June 18 till October 6, for the 6th time, Museum Rijswijk will organize the 2-annual Rijswijk Textiel Biënnale. In total 22 international artists will exhibit there, coming from the USA, UK and Australia and some European countries. For example Nigel Cheney and Ana Barboza Gubo will participate.

Some artists use traditional methods, like Mark Newport with mending, as you see on the photo above. Others make art using computers and the internet. Most of the artists make work that comments on contemporary issues. Topics like gender, abuse by the church, consumerism, colonialism, scarred nature, scars of life … they all come across.

In 2017 I visited the 5th Biënnale and really enjoyed it. I saw so many talented artists in contemporary textile art all together. The pleasant atmosphere of the museum, the lovely garden, the great bookshop and the nice lunch cafe certainly created joy too. Therefore, I will definitely pay this Biënnale a visit!

Do you wanna know more before deciding to go or not to go? Then take a look at this link:

Accompanying the Biënnale is an illustrated catalogue (Dutch/English), penned by Frank van der Ploeg.

Have fun going there or reading about it!


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