Ma petite inuite, Preta Wolzak, photo Mique Menheere

To be seen from 12 Feb – 31 March 2019 at Museum Rijswijk. The duo exposition with Preta Wolzak & Bas Kosters, called Serious International Business. They both work with textiles and threads in quite a cheerful way, while being concerned about out current world. Preta embroiders with fine, small stitches and Bas with big, rough stitches. Preta shows concern about the madness of our world, for example about loss of nature and people due to climate change. Bas pays attention to the dependance we have developed of the appreciation and validation of (digital) others, instead of having self-love. Very different works but they work quite well together.

The museum has a nice shop with lots of gifts and books. There’s also a nice place to take a drink or have lunch, while looking at the beautiful garden

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