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Inspirational Websites About textile design and designers, quite a help. By Derya Erkan., to explore and continue to learn about textiles through the professional and personal stories of interesting people, artists and designers. By textiles designer Rebeckah Kemi Apara. International platform for textile- and stitched art. With membership access to more information. Embroiderers Guild in Canada. Exhibition of contemporary fiber art, situated in USA. or Lots of interviews with textile artists telling about their work. What a pleasure, a blog about all beautiful things in life. Photographs, paintings, landscapes, books and… embroidery. By Rosa J.H. Berland. Kind of an encyclopedia about embroidery courses, books, expositions, events and travels. Written in Dutch. By Majo van der Woude.

Artists’s Websites

For more arty & embroidered pleasure see the textile- and embroidery artists below.

Dutch artists

Sanne Bax,, textile artist

Marielle van den Bergh,

Marjolein Burbank, textile artist

Barbara Broekman,, art based on textile patterns and techniques

Malou Busser,

Marian Bijlenga,, drawing in space by using textiles

Tom van Deijnen,

Alexandra Drenth,, modern embroidery back to the future

Willemijn de Greef,, textile jewellery

Tessa van Helden,, hand embroidered portraits

Ton of Holland,, embroidered paintings

Hella van t Hof,,  embroidered portrait photographs

Martine van ‘t Hul,, designer of embroidery art

Joke Lunsing,

Cherilyn Martin,

Lavina Ngoesmin,

Nijenhuis,, embroidered paintings

Karola Pezzaro,, embroidery artist

Rafael Rozendaal,, woven screenshots of webpages

Rob Scholte,, Embroidery Show

Tilleke Schwartz,

Hinke Shreuders, stitched pieces on paper and photographs,

Hagar Vardimon,, embroidered photo’s

Irene Vinkenburg,, textile artist, textile installations

Artists rest world

Jenny Adin-Christie, freelance embroidery specialist (UK),

Faigh Ahmed,, contemporary tapestries (Azerbaijan / USA)

Celia Jayi,, creator of hand beaded three dimensional wall art

Jocelyn Allen, , photo portraits made with yarn (UK)

Zuzana Alikova, (UK), embroidery super-sized

Maria Aparicio Puentes,, embroidered photographs (Brasil)

Karen Barbe,, colour confident stitching (UK)

Caroline Bartlett, embroidered objects,

Paula Bartnik, (Poland)

Vanessa Barragao (Portugal),, artisanal techniques and wasted yarns from the industry to produce textiles inspired by coral reefs

Gillian Bates, embroidered sketches of quirkiness of British life, esp. seaside towns, (UK)

Jan Beany,

Ellen Bell,, performance art & embroidery (UK)

Sarah K. Benning, www.sarahkbenning, contemporary embroidery (USA)

Ian Berry, (UK), embroidered artworks in denim

Janet Bolton,

Leigh Bowser, machine-stitched portraits, (UK)

Caroline Broadhead,, fine and applied arts (UK)

Hazel Bruce,, textile artist and educator (UK)

Nigel Cheney,,

Julie Chase,, embroidered vintage photographs

Julie Cockburn,, embroidered photographs

Rachel Coleman, mixed-media stitched drawings (UK)

Kathryn Coulter, large scale embroidery textiles,, agency for development for contemporary crafts

Peter Crawley,, Stitched illustrations & design (UK)

Andrea Creyer, draws with thread to create unique portraits and  landscapes,

Cathy Cullis, figurative stitched drawings and mixed-media art, (UK)

Naseem Darby, works on water-soluble fabric,

Jean Draper, (UK), three dimensional structures combining nature with yarn

Stewart Francis Easton, illustrator & embroiderer,, Zen and the art of embroidery

Hilary Ellis, repetition, replication in embroidery (UK)

Erin Endicott (USA), soft sculpture by stitching and drawing onto found objects,

Adrian Esparza (Mexico), geomatrical patterns of yarn,

Per Fhager, embroidery games,

Kristine Fornes, embroiderer – illustrator (Norway)

Tina Francis,, Bargello embroidery art

Coco Fronsac,, embroidered photographic portraits

Caren Garfen,, embroidered artworks about gender politics and women’s’ issues

Emily Jo Gibbs,, uses traditional techniques in a modern way

James Gladwell,–the-dreams, Imaginative needlework (UK)

Lucas Grogan, (Australia), graphic, monochromatic embroidered artworks

Paddy Hartley,, textile art based on theme in the past

Joanne Haywood,, emboidered and crocheted jewellery (UK)

Karen Henderson,, embroidered contemporary landscapes (UK)

Tom Hickman,, high relief stumpwork embroidery

Sheila Hicks, (USA), textile artist

Alison Holt, (UK)

Nigel Hurlstone (UK), machine embroidery portraits,

Swati Kalsi,, textile designer (India)

Anne Kelly,, embroidered collages (UK)

Sorrell Kerrison,, textile multimedia artist working in embroidery, print & other tactile formats, e.g. embroidered portraits (UK)

Alice Kettle,, huge artwork with treads (UK)

Alison King, painting with stitch of Scottisch landscape, (UK)

Daniel Kornrumpf, , Contemporary portraits (USA)

Debbie Lyddon,, mixed media cloths, sculpture, installation and drawing exploring landscape and place (UK)

Maricor / Maricar, embroidery design studio, (AU)

Mafalda Z Mendes,

Shannon Mccuster, deconstructed garment (Ireland)

Annette Messager, visual artist (France),

Rosemary Milner, stitched drawings of animals on vintage fabrics,

Anne Morrell, , writer author and professor in textiles

May Morris, 1862-1938, embroidery designer,

Janet Morton,, knitted and embroidered works (Canada)

Kerry Napier, textile samples for high end fashion,

Nadia Nizamudin, artist in combinations of paintings and embroidery (Malasia)

Fleur Oakes, lacemaking and raised embroidery,

Jose Omussi,, combines black and white photographs with colorful embroidery (Germany)

Stacy Page,, photo portraits with yarn (UK)

Liz Payne,, joyousely embroidered artwork

Mandy Pattullo, , collage style made pieces, patchwork, applique and hand stritching

Joyce Petschek,, art based on Bargello stitch (UK, Italy)

Harriet Popham,, illustrative textile designs (UK)

Paula do Prado, contemporary artist predominantly working with textiles (Australia)

Prism,, international exhibiting group in textiles and fine art (UK, London)

Jacky Puzy,, digital embroidery for interiors and fashion

Harriet Riddle,, pedal powered embroidery (UK)

Ruth Singer,, stitching as an act of remembrance and solace (UK)

Nettie Rowsell,, stitched portraits (UK)

Nike Schroeder, fine-art stitched figurative drawings with loose threads,

Carol Shinn,, photo-based machine-stitched images (USA)

Sumakshi Singh, (India) embroidered installations and multi media

Shona Skinner, (Shetland), free machine embroidery

Julia Sorrell, , embroidered objects,(UK)

Ditte Sorensen, (Denmark), textile artist, machine embroidery

Sue Stone,, (UK), stitched portraits

Sophie Strong, dynamic stitched images taken form newspapers, (UK)

Maxine Sutton,, Handmade objects for the household

Jane Theau,, contemporary human figures

Emily Tull, hand embroidered portraits,

Lisa Vaughant (UK),, bespoke embroidery for interiors

Avinash Veeraraghavan,, collage like embroideries

Richard Mc Vetis,, embroidered objects (UK)

Gil de Vloo,, textile artist, also workshops

Audrey Walker (UK),

Kate Well,, fine work of the natural world inspired by poetry

Rhiannon Williams,, figurative textiles

Rosalind Wyatt,, stitched handwriting

Takashi Wasabi,

Maria Wigley, stitched texts, (UK)

Amanda Wright, embroidered portraits,, passion for surface of textiles

Jessica Wohl,, sewn drawings (USA)

Meredith Woolnough, visual artist, openwork compositions of knotted embroidery threads,

Jiseon Yoon, (Korea), contemporary

Melissa Zexter,, embroidered photographs (USA)