Antique lace necklace

embroidered necklace, antique lace, glass beads, Mique Menheere, 2015, photo

Some years ago I was shopping in the city of Nijmegen. By accident I came across an antique store. Normally that kind of shop doesn’t have my special interest. But somehow this time I decided to take a look. Quite quickly my eyes fell on a basket with antique textiles in it. Especially a lace collar caught my attention. All of a sudden I got the idea to make a necklace of it.

Monkey see monkey do. Once home again I started working out my thoughts. In the following weeks I embroidered small green glass beads on the lace, some patience was definitely needed! Around Christmas I finished it and could proudly wear it at the family dinner.

embroidered necklace with antique  lace, copper and glass beads
necklace from antique lace, copper, glass beads, Mique Menheere, 2016, photo

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