Serious International Business, Museum Rijswijk

arctic charade # swagger, by Preta Wolzak, photo by Mique Menheere
We Are Internationally Very Sad, Bas Kosters, 2016, photo by Mique Menheere

Some years ago Bas Kosters and Preta Wolzak met each other at Art Basel Miami. They felt a connection, so when Museum Rijswijk asked Preta for an exposition, she preferred to exhibit together with Bas Kosters. This was done. A great decision by the way, somehow the combination of their art works great. The result: till March 31th, you can enjoy a hundred works of Bas Kosters and 40 of Preta Wolzak at Museum Rijswijk.

Ways of stitching

Both of the artists work with textile. Both their work shows great fantasy and bright colors. Their techniques however are quite different. Preta works with very fine stitches & threads, leather and sequins. Bas uses big stitches and pieces of fabric from different cultural origins. I was surprised to see that he also incorporates antique embroidered samplers in his work. In the photo’s below you see some examples, look at the white piece of fabric with the red cross stitches.

Tranen Zijn De Glitters Van Het Leven no. 3 (Tears Are The Sparkle Of Life, MM),
Bas Kosters, photo by Mique Menheere
detail Tranen Zijn De Glitters Van Het Leven no. 1, Bas Kosters,
photo by Mique Menheere

Social engagement

Beneath the surface the work of Preta and Bas encloses social engagement. Bas emphasizes the importance of having self-love in a time that everybody is looking for valuation of others. In the work here below he shows people caught up with their mobiles, longing for appreciation of others to enlarge their self-esteem.

Communication Tapestry no 7, Bas Kosters, 2018, photo by Mique Menheere

Preta demonstrates indignation about social and environmental issues. About the outrageous way we treat the earth: the destructiveness of tourism, our exploitation of the earth, ignoring climate change. And about successful and meaningful women not getting the appreciation they deserve. In the work below Preta portraits 5 successful women in science, who didn’t got the credits they earned. Credits they certainly would have received if they would have been men.

# beta angels # , 2017, Preta Wolzak, photo by Mique Menheere

Embroidery takes time

Me myself I feel a strong connection with the work of Preta. Her commitment to gender and environmental issues appeals to me. Besides that I have a strong appreciation for the very great effort she had to make, to produce this embroidered works. From my own experience I know how much time hand embroidery takes. In an interview, Preta told “she got thick wrists of all the work done”. I can imagine. Especially given the amount of hand-embroidered works she produced in a few years time. Hats off.

For more information about Preta Wolzak see

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The exposition can be seen till 31 th of March at Museum Wijswijk, from Tuesday till Sunday from 11 to 17 hours.

Take a look and enjoy it!

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  1. Beautiful and interesting works of art! Must see them for myself in the museum!

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